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I strongly object to all things cliché, which in itself is a cliché.  Defined, cliché is an idea or expression that is over-done or old fashioned. Many times, it is a well-intended phrase meant to offer comfort but being on the receiving end of those phrases isn’t always comfortable.  I’ve dished clichés out with the best of them and I have also withheld words of comfort or even reaching out to someone who is suffering simply because I am afraid of saying the wrong thing…also a wrong choice.  While their meaning may be spot on to a particular circumstance:

  • There are lots more fish in the sea
  • Every cloud has a silver lining
  • It just wasn’t meant to be
  • When God closes a door, He opens a window

When one is at the ledge of despair, these strings of pearls just don’t cut it.

One day, after rising up from the dark side of a life experience we decided to create our version of some uplifting phrases that hopefully haven’t been used enough to be deemed cliché.  Some phrases we made up ourselves and others we found while researching the antonyms of clichés. (What does any of this have to do with home décor or our Pretty in Paint shop you ask?  Very little but please bear with me.) We ended up with phrases sure to be a hit when one is in need of offering comfort or imparting some wisdom: 

  • What doesn’t kill you makes you wish you were dead
  • Sometimes more is more
  • When God closes a door, He nails the window shut too

These are deep and useful slogans. While what doesn’t kill us does eventually make us stronger, in the meantime, while we wait for that growth and maturity to hit us, we could superficially have the fleeting thought that we just wish we were dead.  After recovering and coming out on the other side of that dark circumstance, one might feel the need to indulge in say, cake or ice cream.  The serving size may read a quarter cup or one slice. After all, less is more. In reality there are times when you take that cake and you moosh it all in to that ice cream and you eat both the cake and the ice cream right out of the container.  Because right now at the pinnacle of disaster recovery, more is more.  This same concept can also be applied to shoes by the way. 

Then there is the one about God and the doors and windows.  While it is completely true that God might close a door and open a window, there are times when He does not.  Try as we might hunt for that open window, for a multitude of reasons they are all.nailed.shut. 

Last but not least, as long as we are still on the subject of new and improved not quite clichés, this last one is a favorite of mine:

Just shut up and love

Someone dear to me was ranting about a frustrating point in an important relationship. Trying to justify and defend herself in a heated confrontation she kept coming up with what she believed God wanted her to do, say, or be in this difficult and painful situation. I interrupted her tearful and heartfelt rant to say: I think God just wants you to shut and love this person.  It was an ah-ha moment and it was the answer to the problem.

We took some of these clichés and did something fun with them. Today is the third Friday of April and again many of the downtown businesses are extending hours and doing special things after five pm.  Here on North Bartlett street Pretty in Paint and Rogue Wear next door are staying open longer and planning some fun. Tesha, our friend and neighbor who owns Rogue Wear is a very clever girl and she made us both some nifty bags to hand out when you make a purchase at either of our stores. You never know when you might need a cute tote with a clever quote.

Hurry over to see us if you are in

  • Our neck of the woods.
  • Haste makes waste
  • A stitch in time saves nine
  • Time heals all wounds
  • It is what it is
  • It’s all good

and on and on and on….



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  • Your AMAZING and your clichés are GREAT.

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